When you order, you get your products delivered by the proposed shipping alternatives when completing your online purchase. You must enter the requested information for CareprosttoBuy to be able to make the delivery (e.g., your name, address, etc.).
For orders value starting from $150, shipping is free. Delivery can only be made to most overseas destinations since we ship all around the globe, but you should make sure your country does not have any restrictions.
Since products sent by mail may be sensitive to, e.g. certain temperature excursions, it is therefore important that your mailbox is emptied every day when you are expecting delivery of CareprosttoBuy. In case you have mail slots in your apartment, please note that medicine should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.
An order is expected to be delivered on the date specified in terms of the chosen delivery method. If the current product is out of stock, your order usually shipped within the next working day (or as soon as the product is in stock). If the product you have ordered is out of stock and the supplier has ceased to provide product CareprosttoBuy has no obligation to complete the order. Deliveries to rural areas with rural areas may take longer.
CareprosttoBuy is not responsible for any mishandling, failure to deliver or any other issue that occurs due to a malfunction of the delivery service chosen by the customer. 
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